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I thought I would pass this on. It is from the website of one of the local skydive companies.

“In the recent years many different websites have popped up offering skydiving gift certificates and attempting to book reservations for skydiving in your area. In fact they are the same 1800Skyride company based in Atlanta, Georgia attempting to represent a nationwide skydiving corporation with many locations, including one near to you. They make claims to have the highest skydiving safety record, use the best equipment, have been serving the local area for a long time, offer the least expensive skydive, and have the closest jumping location to metropolitan areas. However, these websites are actually nothing more than the same middle man or skydiving reservation agency which costs you money. Be leery of their many misrepresentations!

To help you determine if a website represents an actual skydiving center:
Does the website provide a business address for the drop zone?
Does the website provide any evidence of first time jumpers as their clients? such as videos, testimonials with date and names.
Does the website include specific information about their facilities such as which airport, lounges or type of runways?
Does the website claim to be a National Skydiving Association (NSA) participating skydiving center? The NSA is fictional.”

As far as I know, I have not included any listings from this company but be aware. -Steve


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  • Tolland County

    Connecticut Parachutists, Inc.
    360 Somers Road Ellington, CT 06029. Phone: (860) 871-0021.

    Come make your first tandem skydive at Connecticut Parachutists, Inc. Leave the aircraft at over 2 miles above the earth, freefall at speeds of up to 120 mph and enjoy breathtaking views during your canopy ride. Experience the exhilaration of skydiving in Connecticut with one of our highly qualified instructors and have the thrill of a lifetime. A tandem skydive is an incredibly easy, safe and enjoyable way to experience the adventure of skydiving with minimal training. Feel a total sense of freedom while securely harnessed to USPA-certified tandem instructors.

    Windham County

    The Boston Hartford Fun Skydiving Center
    41 Airport Road Killingly, CT 06241. Phone: (860) 774-5867

    On a Tandem Skydive, you will make your jump attached to an experienced instructor who has thousands of jumps. He will take care of all the important stuff while you enjoy freefall at 120 mph, a gentle canopy ride, and a soft, graceful landing. Every

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    aspect of the skydive is designed around your safety and enjoyment. We have pledged to be group members of the United States Parachute Association (USPA), this means that we follow the strictest safety operating standards available, using only FAA certified equipment, high qualified instructors, and approved training methods on your skydive.

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