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  • Fairfield County

    Sadler Aero Center Inc.
    49 Miry Brook Rd Danbury, CT 06810 Phone: (866) 798-9632.

    Sadler Aero Center located in Danbury, CT. and operating out of Danbury Airport offer scenic flights over the Candlewood Lake region, Connecticut shoreline, or Manhattan. They also will customize a flight if you have a particular region that you would like to see. Sadler recently brought online a new state-of-the-art helicopter and their staff is extremely professional and highly trained.

    Middlesex County

    Chester Charters
    61 Winthrop Rd., Chester, CT 06412. Phone: 860-526-4321, Toll Free: 800-752-6371.

    Experience a thrilling ride in an authentic 1941 Boeing Stearman, a classic biplane tour of the lower Connecticut River valley and Connecticut Coastline – or choose your own flight plan.

    New Haven County

    New Haven Helicopter Charters and Tours
    Phone: 800-615-1655

    Add a new dimension to your next adventure with our helicopter tours and charters. What better way to enjoy the nation’s hottest attractions than on an exclusive helicopter tour or charter? Charters are also an exciting and convenient way to transport clients between tightly scheduled events, transfer wedding parties, and so much more! We offer all kinds of exciting tours of the country’s most famous attractions, such as a journey flight above Peabody Museum of Natural History, West Rock Ridge State Park, Trinity Church, East Rock Park.

    Air Ocean Aviation
    120 Church St.,Yalesville, CT 06492. Phone: 203-294-8800.

    You just have not seen the world we live in until you have seen it from a helicopter. If it is to see the fall colors, the long island sound or even NYC by helicopter then we can help. Please have a look at some of the photographs taken by us! If it’s just something you always wanted to do why not take just yourself or a group of friends for an aerial tour? We recommend a trip along the southern CT shoreline. Some of the sights to be seen along the long island sound are the Thimble Islands, Yale University in New Haven, the submarine base at Groton, New London and many others. For a real treat NOTHING compares to the NYC skyline. Take a flight along the long island sound, down the Hudson River past the George Washington Bridge, past the Empire State Building, overhead Central Park and around Ellis Island and Lady Liberty herself. We promise there are few trips to match this one. You can pay hundreds of dollars for a few minute flight from NYC which is over before you know it or you can let us take you on a 1hr 45 minute adventure. The cost for 4 people is $450 per person. We’ll even stop for coffee on the way back at one of a number of helicopter friendly hotels.

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