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Advertising on is an extremely cost effective way to reach thousands of New Yorkers who are already looking for your specific service. By advertising on your category page (camping, for example) you are advertising specifically to people already looking to go camping in your area. I am a business owner and I know how expensive advertising can be so I have kept the advertising prices as low as possible and much lower than similar websites with much less traffic. I want this website to not only benefit people looking for ways to enjoy the outdoors but also the local businesses looking to help people get outside and experience nature. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. You can e-mail me at or use the form at the bottom of the page.

1. Basic listings are free and include the name, address and phone number of your business. Use the form below to submit your business listing information.

2. An enhanced listing is only $15 per year (other local websites with very little traffic charge three times this amount) and includes a link to your website (via the business name), address, phone number, and information about your business. You can submit the information that you want to appear here or I can take information from your website. Feel free to use this to convey what is great about your business, why people should use/visit your business etc. Limit is about 1000 characters (approximately 10 lines) but I am flexible. Use form below or call or e-mail me.

3. An enhanced listing with a photo of your business, an  premium background color and a spot within the first five listings for your county or region costs only $45 per year. Use form below or call or e-mail me.

Display ads in the right hand margin are also available. Because many of the categories listed on are seasonal I offer a special deal when you buy six months of advertising. If you pay for 6 months you get another 6 months free- a full year of advertising for the price of six months. This offer is good for any business in any category listed on the website.

Display ads in right sidebar are $25 per month for ? X ? pixels and $40  per month for ? X ? pixels.

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