I am an avid birder and nature enthusiast and a firm believer in the healing power of nature to reduce stress and improve mental health. Although there are non-nature oriented activities listed on the website the idea for the website was born out of my desire to help people access and experience nature. I spend almost all of my free time outdoors and I am so profoundly affected by the beauty of the natural world that I wanted to find a way to help others experience it as well. I currently live in the Hudson Valley and spend as much time as possible every autumn in Cape May, New Jersey to experience the incredible bird migration and wonderful and friendly birders for which the area is famous.

In an effort to help people who live in New York City and who don’t own a car access nature I have included a section on places and activities that can be reached via public transportation and/or a short cab ride. As with all the categories on the website please feel free to e-mail me with any ideas you have for this section. I want this website to be as complete and helpful as possible.

I also want this website to be the most complete resource there is and I have included every business I could find in each category. Some non-business categories, such as hiking, have too many possibilities to list them all so I have included as many options as I reasonably could. Again, I encourage you to contact me with any suggestions you have for listings, but especially for beautiful places you would like to share.

I hope, as often as possible, you will get outside and get happy!







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